Confidentiality: We don't share your information with anyone. We ask that you do not use your real names inside the party. Pick an alias and stick with it. Don't pass out your phone numbers in the club. The last thing you want to do is invite a stranger into your home. Keep the party at Thads and it will never be awkward.

Safety: No drugs or WEED. Please drink responsibly. If you come as a group and one of the guys has reached his limit, step in and be a friend. Do not allow your friend to miss out on a great time.

Invitations: You can only get an invitation over the phone. If you have general questions and would like to send us an email, that is fine, but we will not put you on the party list. Please call the party line between 4-8pm on Wed-Sat. During special events such as New Years Eve we will start the list a day ahead of the party. Be patient and call back if the lines are busy.

Dress Code: Men must be completely nude. Women can wear lingerie. No Dresses. No T-Shirts. No street clothes inside ladies. This has been the format for over 30 years and is one of the attractions of the club. Shoes and footwear inside are recommended.

Drinks: You bring your own drinks and mixers to the club. We have a bar with cups and ice. You should only bring what you can safely consume here because at the end of the night your bottle stays here. Don't ask us to save it for you. No drinks, including sodas and water are allowed to leave the club.

No Means No: We get many new couples and single ladies in the club looking to have their first swinging experience. The last thing they want to deal with is a pushy single. Be a gentleman. Use your charm, but if it's not happening then that's it. Many couples are only into other couples so don't ever take it personal. Be social. Introduce yourself and just be you. Do not be pushy or tailgate the ladies.

Couples Only Area: Upstairs is the couples only area. No single guys are allowed in this area period. Single women are allowed because ladies rule, but 3-somes with a single man cannot go up there. If you break this rule you will be asked to leave. If you're a single guy and want to see the action, then find a single female to take up with you.

Rates: We ask that you call the party line for this information. We are running different promotions throughout the year. New Years Eve is special. Remember to ask about the Early Bird Special and 1/2 Off Specials.

-- Thads is the ONLY Licensed Swingers Club in San Diego.
-- Couples, single ladies, and single men are invited to attend our parties every Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat.

-- We are an on-premise facility with plenty of private rooms, group rooms, couples only area, pool table, dance floor, two dance poles, pool, jacuzzi.

-- BYOB! You bring your drinks, mixers, towels, and condoms.
-- We ask that you call for an invitation between 4pm and 8pm on Wed-Sat. The earlier you arrive, the quicker the fun can start. Sunday call 10am-4pm.