You are invited to join us at Thad's.

Thad has hosted swing parties for consenting adults in San Diego County since 1974.  Here is some insight into "The King of Swing", why his club was started and some of the notorious history behind him.  Take a website tour of Thad's -- one of the most exotic party houses in Southern California.


     We believe in openness and honesty in all human relationships, including physical ones, and desire to share this with all. We believe only in that which is right and that all people have the right to determine what beliefs are right for them as long as they not interfere with the rights of others. We believe in the purity and beauty of mankind as "man was created in God's image." Therefore we believe in the respectability of nudism and all physical relationships and the right to gather in private and practice these goals.

   Dear Friends,

I am "Thad" Elbert B. Poppell -- a true believer in sexual freedom for consenting adults. 

Our laws guarantee us the right to practice this belief or freedom, but at times we are not   permitted to do so without persecution by government authorities. 

The authorities have persecuted me on trumped up charges (keeping me broke paying attorney's fees) and reported lies to the media, distorting the truth so that the public will be against me and my club's members--who are citizens, as well. 

I am asking for your help to preserve our rights and freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.  


Thad Poppell


Here is some club history...  

San Diego's Hero of Swinging Sex:
Thad's Crusade for Sexual Freedom

"I'd rather be right and stand alone than wrong and stand with the whole throng." 
- Thad.

 "Judges have ruled that [Thad's] civil rights allow him the right to assemble, even with nude people for the purpose of sex and the purpose of having sex with multiple partners." -- The San Diego Union, April 16, 1988, B-6

"After a decade of surveillance, arrests, trials, and appeals, the San Diego police vice squad has taken a new, more lenient attitude toward Thad and his notorious sex parties." -- San Diego Reader, April 28,  1988. 

From the San Diego Tribune -- "[A woman] sits casting admiring glances at the man she considers to be San Diego's hero of swinging sex, Elbert "Thad" Poppell. Not only has Poppell waged a one-man crusade on behalf of sexual freedom, he has also opened his home to strangers who pay him for providing a place for swingers to meet. "Thad has been the back bone of swinging in San Diego," [She] says with a smile." - San Diego Tribune 4/27/1988, B-4.


Thad's is a licensed on-premise swing club for couples, single ladies, and single men.  Some of the attractions are the Jacuzzi, dance floor with disco lights, private and group rooms with king size beds, and couples only area.

The parties are limited in size so an invitation is necessary.  To get an invitation and directions please call the party line on the day of the party you plan to attend, between 4pm and 8pm.  You may call between 8pm and 11pm if space is still available.  The party starts at 8pm and lasts until 3am.  Guests are asked to arrive before midnight.

The atmosphere is lively and very fun; a fantastic evening of swinging in an erotic setting.

Party Line:  619-237-8849
E-Mail Thad's: